For more information, or to contact a staff member at 284 RCSCC Marconi, please refer to the following contact information.

284 RCSCC Marconi General Contact Information

Telephone: 709.727.3068
Please note that all inquiries and requests should follow the appropriate chain of command, and we ask that you all bide by the following:

  • Divisional, event, and general questions should be first directed to the Divisional Petty Officer or the Coxswain.
  • Questions for specific Officers should be made by email when possible, or a telephone call to the Corps phone.
  • Corp cell phone should be used at all times when calling an Officer.  The Duty Officer who has the cell phone will then arrange for the required person to contact you.
  • The Corps’ cell phone and the Coxswain’s phone have a 9 to 9 Rule.  Please be courteous and avoid phone calls before 9AM and after 9PM, unless it is an emergency.
  • Sensitive inquiries may be made directly to the Executive Officer or Commanding Officer.
  • For Supply requests, the Online Supply Request Form should be completed by the Cadet.
  • For Leave requests, the Online Leave Request Form should be completed by the Cadet.

Officer Contact Information

Lt(N) K. MacPhee
Commanding Officer

SLt. K. Martin
Executive Officer /Training Officer

Lt(N) G. White
Administration Officer

Lt(N) A. McCarthy
Training Officer

SLt. A. Lewis
Assistant Training Officer

Lt(N) M. McCarthy
Parade Officer

NCdt Z. LeShane
Supply Officer

CV J. Mills
Band Officer

Lt(N) A. Spearns
Marksmanship Officer

Lt(N) B. Sullivan
Instructor/ Canteen Officer

Lt(N) J. White

NCdt A.Philpott

CV Lisa Penney


Note: You can reach any officer by e-mail and if you wish to discuss over the telephone please call 709-727-3068. We do not wish to post personal phone numbers on this site.