Jan Challenge

Good morning all!

Attached below is a picture of our corps crest. This should be used as a template for our "create the crest challenge". If you missed Monday nights meeting, we introduced a challenge:

  • Follow the outline and format of our corps crest as seen on the Facebook page.
  • Participants are to create a similar crest with added drawings, pictures, and/or any content related to our unit. (marksmanship, sailing, seamanship, fitness, drill, uniform…) Be creative! Use what you have around the house, including your perspective of our unit! The foundation of the crest itself should not change, but anything else is fair game.
  • The most creative and well thought of crest will be featured as our Facebook page profile photo for the month!

All submissions are due no later than 7pm Jan 31st 2022. You can send your crests via email to skrul. A picture will do just fine, however, if you think of another way to submit, we are open to ideas!
I look forward to seeing everyone’s masterpieces!

A/SLt / Ens2 Schylar Krul

Training Officer284 RCSCC Marconi, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)
Canadian Armed Forces
skrul or schylar.krul / Tel: (709) 571-3085

Agent de formation
284 CCMRC Marconi, Unité régionale de soutien aux cadets (Atlantique)
Forces armées canadiennes
skrul ou schylar.krul / Tél: (709) 571-3085