26 October 2021

Good day all,

As we briefly mentioned last night, 284 will be starting a biathlon team. We will be holding our first practice shoot and rifle handling rest on Wednesday, 03 November 2021 at Park Place Community Center from 1900hrs to ~2100hrs. This will happen every Wednesday consecutively to prepare for competitions and boost improvement. Our biathlon team is open to any cadet in the unit who wishes to join. If you are interested, please let the Training Officer know via email at skrul or no later than (NLT) next Monday.

As well, we will be having a mandatory marksmanship day on Saturday, 06 November 2021. This will also be held at Park Place. All cadets will be required to attend as this is part of every phase’s mandatory training. We will be starting at 0900hrs and ending at 1400hrs. Lunch will be provided. The dress will be comfortable civilian clothing. Please bring an extra bottle of water.

Next week we will be in full uniform for our monthly Commanding Officers parade. There may be a surprise uniform inspection so make sure your hair is cut/groomed, your boots are shined, and your uniform is ironed!

Senior cadets: Your Merit Review Board will be happening tomorrow evening via WebEx. Stay tuned and keep checking your emails!

Any questions can be directed to the undersigned.


A/SLt / Ens2 Schylar Krul

Training Officer284 RCSCC Marconi, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)
Canadian Armed Forces
skrul or schylar.krul / Tel: (709) 571-3085

Agent de formation
284 CCMRC Marconi, Unité régionale de soutien aux cadets (Atlantique)
Forces armées canadiennes
skrul ou schylar.krul / Tél: (709) 571-3085