Important Dates!

Good day everyone!

Here are a few important notes to keep in mind… Please read through carefully:

1. Our navigation day is happening this coming Saturday June 26! This is a complimentary day, which will not be mandatory… however, we encourage all cadets to come for a fun day! Lunch will be provided on Saturday… we will be having Subway. Attached to this post is a Subway order form. If you will be attending on Saturday we need to have your completed form NO LATER THAN THURSDAY JUNE 24th! Please send your order to the address below.

3. Our Change of Command is happening this Wednesday June 23rd. It will be held over Discord. The dress will be full uniform WITH head dress! We ask that you join at 6:45pm on the 284 Marconi call.

4. The summer CAP (cadet activity program) will be offered to all cadets who wish to engage in a fun in-person experience. The CAP is a 5 day consecutive, in-person training experience offered to air, army, and sea cadets. Several serials are happening over the course of the summer, starting at the very beginning of August. There will be meals provided for these days and will likely go from 8am-4pm. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to skrul. The deadline for applications is Thursday June 24th.


⚓️June 23rd: Change of Command ceremony (@6:45 pm, full uniform)

⚓️June 24th: Deadline for CAP application (send interest to skrul)

⚓️June 24th: Deadline for Navigation Day Subway order forms (email order to Training Officer)

⚓️June 26th: Navigation day (Fill out Subway form to confirm attendance)

Any questions can be directed to the Training Officer at skrul

A/SLt / Ens2 Schylar Krul

Training Officer284 RCSCC Marconi, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)
Canadian Armed Forces
skrul or schylar.krul / Tel: (709) 571-3085

Agent de formation
284 CCMRC Marconi, Unité régionale de soutien aux cadets (Atlantique)
Forces armées canadiennes
skrul ou schylar.krul / Tél: (709) 571-3085

subway order form.docx