June 6th 2021

Good day all!

We hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the final days of your school year!

On Saturday June 26th 2021, we are planning for an exciting training day that has a lot to do with our roots as sea cadets, but is not part of our usual training. As of now, we ask that you mark that date in your calendars!

This day will be roughly from 10am-4pm and at Gloria Pearson Community Center. This will be optional training but, the more cadets we have, the better our day will be! So please make every effort to attend.

This date is tentative, but we ask that you mark it in you calendars as it is likely to happen, but not guranteed. The dress for the day will be comfortable civilian clothing. More updates will follow.

Stay safe and talk soon!

A/SLt / Ens2 Schylar Krul

Training Officer284 RCSCC Marconi, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)
Canadian Armed Forces
skrul or schylar.krul / Tel: (709) 571-3085

Agent de formation
284 CCMRC Marconi, Unité régionale de soutien aux cadets (Atlantique)
Forces armées canadiennes
skrul ou schylar.krul / Tél: (709) 571-3085