12 April, 2021 21:52

Happy Sunday Everyone,

As previously mentioned this coming Wednesday at 7pm we have a special guest who will be doing a paint night with us. All supplies will be supplied to you and can be picked up either Monday or Tuesday evening from 7-9pm at 12 Dalhousie Cres. If this doesn’t work for you please let us know.

The guest uses a different program than our Discord but the information to join will be posted on discord for you to join.

Please also let us know when you read this post by commenting the cadets name below as we want to make sure all cadets know the info and get a kit.

A/SLt / Ens2 Schylar Krul

Training Officer284 RCSCC Marconi, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Atlantic)
Canadian Armed Forces
skrul or schylar.krul / Tel: (709) 571-3085

Agent de formation
284 CCMRC Marconi, Unité régionale de soutien aux cadets (Atlantique)
Forces armées canadiennes
skrul ou schylar.krul / Tél: (709) 571-3085