Update for upcoming ACR practice.

Wednesday May 15th- Band Practice and remainder of cadets to complete uniforms 7-8:30pm at Gloria Pearson Center.  All cadets are to attend.  Band cadets please bring all band equipment.  All cadets please bring full uniform on hangers, as well as boots and polishing kits.

Saturday May 18th- ACR practice for all cadets at MQW 9:30am-11:30am. No uniform.  Important for all cadets to attend as time is getting close for the big day.

Monday May 20th-school is unavailable so please see date change below.

Tuesday May 21st-all cadets are to attend as this is the regular cadet night for this week. No uniform. Regular cadet time at MQW.

Attendance is of the upmost importance and we must be advised if unable to make it.  This is the cadets’ ACR and without attendance of all practice becomes difficult.

Thank you