Grocery Bagging

This weekend 284 RCSCC Marconi will be participating in a grocery bagging fundraiser.

Cadets are divided into two shifts and are expected to be at Dominion on Old Placentia Road in Mount Pearl for their specific time listed below on Saturday, November 17th. The dress for this fundraiser is work dress.

It is very important that cadets take part in the fundraising opportunities as this is how we fund many activities throughout the year.

If there are any questions please let us know.

Please see the below shifts for your specific time:


Keats, Daniel
Keats, Rebecca
King, Tristan
Matchem, Claudia
Morrison, Jodee
Nolan, Donil
Parsons, Quinn
Brenton, Brody
Vokey, Edward
Connors, Caleb


Krone, Dominic
Pearce, Nathan
Pike, Logan
Ricard, Ryan
Smith, Nicholas
Stokes, Daniel
Taylor-Lewis, Cole
Young, Marcus
Bennett, Ricky
Cross, Kietan
Dave, Hailey
Fitzpatrick, Thomas