Saturday, Oct. 6th– Canoeing Day. Phase 1 and 2 Cadets are to be at Octagon Pond Sail Center for 8:00 am and picked up by 1:00 pm and Phase 3-5 cadets are to be dropped off by 12:00 pm and picked up at 4:00 pm (See below list). Cadets are to wear warm clothes, bring extra sneakers to get wet, no jeans allowed, hat, gloves and layers are encouraged. Please bring a full water bottle with you. Lunch will be provided to everyone. This is a mandatory second on the water day and this will count towards the cadet’s training. If you have any questions please email or See map for directions.

Monday, Oct. 8th– No cadets, HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Wednesday, Oct 10th– Band Practice, Gloria Pearson Center. 7:00-8:30 pm. This is open to any cadets who wishes to join the band.

Phase 1 and 2 Cadets Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5
Vokey, O Dawe, H
Fitzpatrick, T Connors, C
Bennett, R Cross, K
Brenton, B Hoysradt, M
Keats, D Keats, R
Krone, D Matchem, C
Pearce, N Morrison, J
Ricard, R Thompson, Z
Taylor, L Nolan, D
King, T Parsons, Q
  Pike, L
  Smith, N
  Young, M

Sail Center