Hi everyone,

We will be adding a supply hour at MQW School tomorrow (Friday) from 6-7pm. If any cadet needs any uniform items for the Remembrance Day parade on Saturday, please try your best to attend and/or inform us if you cannot. The supply hour is open to ANY cadet, and the following cadets are especially requested to come if they are available: Krone, Ricard.

Dress for the Remembrance Parade will be "C1 Ceremonial Dress – Full Uniform".
Wool Socks
Black Cadet Trousers (Pants)
Gunshirt (white shirt)
Lanyard (white rope)
Toque (winter hat, with "cadet" embroidery)
Cadet Gloves (black)
Parka jacket or Overcoat (these jackets have shoulder ranks, and are outdoor jackets)
*Timings are 1000hrs at Mount Pearl Intermediate; concludes at ~1130hrs at the new Memorial Cenotaph/Centennial Field.

I would also like to send out this excellent new Uniform Guide that was developed by our Supply Officer. It is a thorough guide for cadets (and parents) to ensure Cadets are in the proper order of dress, and that it is worn correctly with all parts. I take great pride in the dress and deportment of the cadets and staff of Marconi, and I hope everyone takes the time to read this guide carefully and let us help the cadets reach their potential in this program. Any questions please do not hesitate to fill out a supply form via our website and connect with our Supply Officer.

A reminder that supply is always open before training nights, at 1800hrs at the school.

Again thank you all for your efforts,

Commanding Officer,
Lt(N) K. MacPhee

Uniform Guide 17-18 (1).pdf