Wake-a-Thon on Friday June 16th

Marconi will be having a Wake-a-Thon on Friday for all cadets. It will begin on Friday night, Cadets are to be dropped off at 8pm at the Knights of Columbus and picked up at 8am on Saturday morning. We will be having various fun activities, snacks, games, and a movie at the Cineplex theater. The idea is to stay awake all night 🙂

In order to help alleviate some of the costs of this event, we are asking that cadets do their best in fundraising for the Wake-a-Thon. Typically, cadets will ask family, friends, neighbors, for small pledges to go towards the Wake-a-Thon. This can be as little as a dollar, every little bit counts. There is no minimum to fundraise; the pledge sheet is attached.

Cadets do not need to be in uniform for the Wake-a-Thon. They can bring along anything they think they might want for the Wake-a-Thon; such as board games, ipads, etc. Please ensure their names are on these items. They may also want to bring along some money for snacks at the theater or to purchase items from our canteen throughout the night.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call us.

Pledge Sheet.pdf