Reminder – Marksmanship Tryout #3

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that Marksmanship Team Tryout #3 takes place tomorrow from 1600-1900 hrs (4-7 PM) at the Knights of Columbus. 8 Cadets have been selected to attend the tryout with the goal of identifying 5 Cadets to be the Marksmanship Team.

Matchem, C Sheppard, K Stokes, D Davis, J Bennett, R Connors, C Morrison, J

Matchem, H

There has been a lot of interest in Marksmanship so far this year, with several open shoots and so many people trying out that the initial tryouts had to be split over two different weeks.

I’d like to thank everyone that has attended tryouts, it’s the largest turnout since we started team tryouts in 2002! It’s always tough to decide and there was some really good shooting so far, choosing these 8 names has required me to really look closely at the targets. Bravo Zulu, and good luck to the 8 Cadets that are continuing on. For those who haven’t been selected, please keep your chin up, this hasn’t been an easy decision.


Andrew Spearns
Lieutenant (Navy)
Marksmanship Officer
284 RCSCC Marconi​​