Avalon Seamanship Inter-divisional Competition TOMORROW

Saturday and Sunday (March 12-13th) – Avalon Seamanship Inter-divisional competition well be held at HMCS Cabot, 220 Southside Road.

Cadet are to wear relaxed dress (blue shirt, pants, boots, and ball cap). Cadets are to be dropped off by 7:00 am each day (if they want breakfast) if not they can be dropped off by 8:00 am. Saturday pick up time is 8:00pm and Sunday pick up by 4:00 pm. All meals are provided each day (breakfast, lunch and supper on Saturday, and breakfast and Lunch on Sunday).

There is canteen in the building so some small change can be brought. If you have any questions or your cadet must be excused from the weekend call 727-3068.