Sail Weekend

Our Sail Weekend is this Weekend…May 30-31.

Cadets that advised they were attending, which it is mandatory for your training are to show up at the sail center on Saturday at 8:00 am and parents can pick you up at 5:00 pm and same times again on Sunday.

Remember to dress accordingly. Have sailing shoes and dry footwear and bring a change of dry clothes. Lunch will be provided of course.

The sail center is on Octagon Pond. There is no construction so parents can drop cadets off down to the gate for the site. Which is located on Sarah Davis Way (same road used to get to the Paradise Arena) which is off of McNamara Drive just past Paradise Town Hall (which would be on your right) and just before if town hall is on your left. The gate for the site is at the end of Sarah Davis Way on the right.

A/SLt Martin will be there to greet you on Saturday Morning.

See you all then!