Cadets Leaving This Sunday

Burns T.

Dutton B.

Hartery M.

Layden A.

Matchem H.

Thompson Z.

Air Canada 649 departing at 0530hrs; all personnel must report to

St. John’s airport at 0330hrs

Please read carefully as there are many flights departing on Sunday 6 July 14.

Please advise traveling cadets that the maximum baggage allowance is 1 checked piece weighing no more than 50lbs and one small carry on. Please advise them to ensure there is no liquids in the carry on.

If a cadet exceeds the weight restriction they will have to remove articles until they reach the maximum allowable. There are no provisions for the return of these articles.

Any Question Please call the Corp Cell 7273068 or email co


Lt(N) Sullivan

Commanding Officer