weekend outing

Reminder of our semanship competition this weekend, cadets are to arrive at the knights no later than 6:30 Friday evening with all required kit to board the bus. They are to be picked up at the knights at 3:00pm Sunday afternoon, after all the gear has been stored. Cadets will be spending time out doors and should pack accordingly. Warm civilian attire, hats, gloves, and boots are recomended. A sleeping bag, pillow, and air mattress are also required. Any medication needed is to be supplied in clearly marked bottles or plastic bags and turned over to the admin officer, SLt Farrell. Cadets are asked to bring a personal water bottle if available to cut down on garbage. Also there is no need for the cadets to bring money as all the meals and snacks are provided. Electronic equipment is on a bring on your own risk basis. Any questions please contact me directly.

Lt(N) McCarthy

Executive Officer