Cadets Tuesday October 1

Hi everyone,

I hope that those of you that attended bowling last night had fun!

There will be cadets tonight from 6:30-9pm at the Knights of Columbus. Cadets are to wear their training uniform; baseball hat, blue shirt, pants and boots. Wanted to remind you last night what Lt McCarthy said because he will be inspecting everyone’s boots. If anyone has better boots then him, he said last night they will get free canteen. However, if the boots are not up to par, then we will be in full rig uniform next Tuesday.

Last week I sent home Annual Validation form’s to cadets parents to review and make any changes. Can you please bring back those completed forms tonight to cadets and pass them into SLt Farrell. Those of you that were not there last week, will get your forms tonight.

If you have any questions please call 727-3068

SLt Kayla Laybolt
Administration Officer