Marksmanship Tryout #1

Hi Everyone – This is an announcement regarding tryouts for the Corps’ Marksmanship Team.

What: Marksmanship Tryouts – Open to all Cadets
Where: Knights of Columbus
When: 1600 -1900 hrs, Thursday, 25 October 2012
Required Kit: Hoodie or sweater. Glasses preferred over contact lenses for those who use them.

Other Information:
This will be the first of 3 open tryouts, depending on numbers. If numbers are low, open tryouts could be extended to 5. If numbers are high, will select 8 Cadets after 3 open tryouts. Goal is to select 5 Cadets for team and 1 spare.
Tryouts and practices happen either once per week (Thursday) or twice per week (Thursday + Friday or Wednesday, the second day will depend on coach and cadet availability).
Zone competition in early winter, if successful Provincial competition in April, if successful National competition in May.
Please avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks and foods tomorrow.
Please email me to indicate that you will be attending.
We have to setup and teardown the range, please arrive on time to help.

The official Cadets Canada background information is located at this link.

If you have questions feel free to contact me. Marksmanship is a fun activity and the team has seen great success over the past several years, I hope to see many people come out tomorrow.


Andrew Spearns
Lieutenant (Navy)
Marksmanship Officer
284 RCSCC Marconi