Coffee House & Auction Fundraiser

April 21st 2012 @ Knights of Columbus
Time: 7:30-9:00pm
Tickets: 10.00$

A new fundraiser to Marconi cadets. We will be hosting a Dessert & Coffee House / Silent Auction night.

The night will consist of live entertainment by the Gonzaga High School Jazz Band; and possibly some entertainment by the officers and cadets! If a cadet or cadet group wants to perform at this event, they must do a short tryout/audition before hand. Audition times will be confirmed individually, but please ensure you send an e-mail to SLt MacPhee to express your interest in performing (include name(s) of performers, name of song and artist. Please note we are looking for calm, relaxing music to accompany our “Coffee House / Cafe” style theme.

A 10.00$ ticket gets you in to the event; automatically enters you in the door prize; unlimited coffee/tea throughout the evening; and a choice of two pieces of dessert. Each cadet will be asked to sell a minimun of 3-4 tickets.

We have auction items coming in from local businesses; door prizes; 50/50 draws; gift baskets, and much more! If you have any items that you think would be a great addition to our auction, or have connections with a local business that might want to make a donation; please contact Mary Walsh to get an official donation letter.(

Cadets will be required to attend, they will be serving coffee/tea and dessert throughout the evening. Cadets will wear boots, black cadet pants, and white collared shirt and bow-ties.

As for the desserts, this is where we really need support from the parents. We are asking each family to make two identical desserts for this event. One will be cut up and served out during the event, while the other will go up for auction. For example, if you chose the raspberry cheesecake and absolutely love it, you can bid to take the other full dessert home!
As for the types of desserts made by parents, we need to make sure we have a good variety. Attached is a sheet with dessert suggestions, and recipe websites. Dessert Ideas …If you are interested in making any of those and want “dibs” or have another dessert in mind, contact SLt MacPhee to reserve the type. We are also asking for the desserts to be put in disposable containers/trays to ensure easiest distribution and clean-up.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact SLt MacPhee (

Thank you for your support, this fundraiser is going to ensure your cadets get the best possible training and great activities in the future!