Band Comp 2012!

Thanks to all the cadets who came out today and faced the elements while we put the finalizations on our "Celebrating 30 Years" display!

Parent/Guardian Info:

  1. Please have your cadets arrive in full uniform (with webbing) at HMCS Cabot at 0800hrs.
  2. HMCS Cabot is located at 220 Southside Road; Pier 27. It is on the south side of the harbor, about 2 kms down Southside Rd towards Fort Amherst. Turn left and keep left of the Irving Oil Commercial location.
  3. The end time for the competition is not confirmed; once the judges finish with each entry, I imagine they will have a short ceremony at the end announcing the winners. Please anticipate sometime either before lunch, or shortly after.
  4. Thanks for the transportation to the extra practices the past few weeks!
  5. Don’t forget – Spring Ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

Cadet Info:

  1. Do not forget your webbing or white top! SLt MacPhee will be bringing extra pairs of gator grabbers if you need them.
  2. Please do not forget your instruments (Glocks,Mallets,Slings,Drums,Straps,Mace).
  3. SLt MacPhee has the band kit, bass drum/harness, and band major sash.
  4. Don’t forget to iron and shine! Try and go over all your steps and music tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

Band Display Program:

  1. March On
  2. Sweet Dreams (1983)
  3. Spice up your Life (1997)
  4. Drummer Call
  5. Party Rock (2011)
  6. March Past: Canada (Bobby Gimby)

Good luck to all the band members tomorrow!