Notice: New Boots Have Been Released

Are you frustrated with your boots over not being able to get a mirror like shine?  A couple years back the style of parade boot was changed, and we were given a boot with better sole with more grip to prevent slips.  Unfortunately the boots were also very heavy and difficult to shine.
DND has released a new parade boot that is very similar in appearance to the old boots and has the following features:
  • Finer-grain leather, giving the boot a more natural look and making it easier to shine
  • Durable, high quality “Goodyear Welt” construction
  • Improved sole, significantly lighter and more flexible than the predecessor; redesigned tread
  • Soft toe boot (previous model had a steel toe cap).

It should be noted that the new Ankle Boot can no longer be worn to meet Safety Footwear requirements.

***All Cadets should request a new pair of boots through the Online Supply Request Form before 11 December 2011.

Have a great Navy day!