Updated Post:Sail Weekend: 15-16 October 2011

This weekend some of our Cadets will be participating in our Fall Sail Weekend at Octagon Pond Sail Centre.

The following Cadets have been selected to attend.  We are full as of right now.  There are a couple of Cadets who have not been selected, if a couple of spaces opens up today or tomorrow you will be contacted.

AB D. Callahan
PO2 B. Dingle
LS K. Dingle
MS T. Greening
AB A. Mitchelmore
MS Z. Morrissey
OS H. Matchem
AB A. Ottenheimer
LS T. Pearce
OS K. Perry
PO2 A. Snow
MS C. Snow
LS D. Williams
AB B. Wickens
LS E. Workman

CPO2 C. Gray
CPO2 J. Seward
PO1 H. Spurrell
PO2 K. Stafford
MS J. Murphy

Cadets should be dropped off at the Octagon Pond Sail Centre no later than 0800 hrs (8:00AM) on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Lunch will be provided.  Sailing will finish at around 1630 hrs (4:30PM) and Cadets should be picked up around that time.

Kit List
It’s quite cold this time of year, Cadets should be dressed prepared for the weather.

  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Warm clothing (pants (no jeans), hoodie, jacket, etc…)
  • Waterproof/Rain jacket
  • Extra socks
  • Second shoes to wear on land
  • Water bottle

PFD’s and wetsuits are available at the Sail Centre.

NOTE:  Cadets should refrain from bringing attractive items (iPods, MP3 players, etc.) as there is no secure location to store item.  If cadets do arrive with the items listed or similar items it will be at their own risk if damaged or lost.  Cell phones should also be left at home.

Octagon Pond Sail Centre is located off MacNamara Drive in Paradise.  See the map below.

If there are any questions, please contact the Coxswain (sclarke@284marconi.com) or the CO (andrew.spearns@284marconi.com) or call the Corps cell phone at 709.727.3068.

Have a great Navy day!