Order of Precedence for Cadet Medals

As we have been issued a change in our Dress Regulations regarding the wear of Cadet Medals, the following message has been distributed to Cadet Corps regarding the order of medal as worn by the Cadet.

Good Day,

Ref: 1085-12-5 (D Cdts 4-5) 27 January 2011, Wearing of Medals on the Cadet Uniform

In the direction provided to all at reference it was decided that 1 September 2011 would be the transition date for the move of the Cadet Medals/Ribbons from the left side breast pocket of the uniform to the right side breast pocket.

It is recognize that this adjustment to the wearing of the medals/ribbons may have impact on those cadets who have two or more cadet medals/ribbons and who chose to have them “court mounted”. The direction at reference indicated that: “The order of precedence of the cadet medals will not change; when two or more cadet medals are awarded, they shall be worn in order of precedence, without interval, with the highest priority cadet medal closest to the centre of the chest”.

To alleviate any burden on those Cadets who have previously chosen to court mount medals/ribbons and would now have to change the court mounting due to the direction provided at reference, it has been decided that these Cadets will be authorized to wear their medals "out of order of precedence" as they complete their time in the program. They may, if they desire, leave them in their existing the court mounted order of precedence and simply switch sides for the wearing of medals/ribbons. This “grandfathering” will apply only to those Cadets who chose to court mount medals/ribbons prior to 1 September 2011.

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