Marksmanship Cancelled

Due to the weather and marginal road conditions markmanship is cancelled today, January 15, 2019.


Training for tomorrow night

Hello everyone, Tomorrow night training will be in sports appropriate clothing, so make sure to bring an extra pair of indoor foot wear and be sure to bring some water with you as well. Tomorrow night all parents are asked to come to a meeting about camp to be held in the cafeteria at 1900hrs(7pm).

Anthony Lewis
Lieutenant Navy
Training Officer

Marksmanship Session – Sunday, January 6, 2019

My regrets for the late announcement, at the last marksmanship training group session I mentioned a session for today from 630 to 830PM but it did not make it into the January calendar.

If Cadets or parents of cadets in the training group could email me to let me know if they can make it, please let me know at your earliest convenience. My phone cannot currently receive text messages.


Andrew Spearns
Lieutenant (Navy)
Marksmanship Officer
284 RCSCC Marconi

Bottle Drive Fundraiser

Happy New Year everyone!!

Bottle drive information:

Cadets are asked to meet at MQW this Saturday, January 5th at 10:30am for the bottle drive fundraiser and should be finished at about 3:00pm

Parents, we will require some help with this fundraiser so if you are able to stick around that would be great!

Cadets are reminded to dress for the weather (warm clothes will be necessary!).

More information will be given on arrival.

Change to the schedule

Good Evening Everyone,

Due to the school being unavailable on Monday, December 10th we have an unavoidable change in our schedule.

Cadets will now participate in a night at the Admiralty  House Museum locates at 365 Old Placentia Rd in Mount Pearl.  They will be taking part in semaphore and Morse code activities, as well as a tour.

Cadets are to meet at the Museum for 6:20pm and to be picked up at 8:30pm.  The dress for the activity is still work dress and the entry cost will be covered for all cadets.

If there are any questions please let us know.



Grocery Bagging

This weekend 284 RCSCC Marconi will be participating in a grocery bagging fundraiser.

Cadets are divided into two shifts and are expected to be at Dominion on Old Placentia Road in Mount Pearl for their specific time listed below on Saturday, November 17th. The dress for this fundraiser is work dress.

It is very important that cadets take part in the fundraising opportunities as this is how we fund many activities throughout the year.

If there are any questions please let us know.

Please see the below shifts for your specific time:


Keats, Daniel
Keats, Rebecca
King, Tristan
Matchem, Claudia
Morrison, Jodee
Nolan, Donil
Parsons, Quinn
Brenton, Brody
Vokey, Edward
Connors, Caleb


Krone, Dominic
Pearce, Nathan
Pike, Logan
Ricard, Ryan
Smith, Nicholas
Stokes, Daniel
Taylor-Lewis, Cole
Young, Marcus
Bennett, Ricky
Cross, Kietan
Dave, Hailey
Fitzpatrick, Thomas