Band Cancelled Tonight 03/07

Hello All,

Band is cancelled for this evening. My apologies for the late notice.

CV Parsons & CV Spencer


Cadets Cancelled

Good Morning Everyone,

Due to the early closure of school and the expected weather, cadets is cancelled for this evening (February 25th).  Please note that a further announcement will be made later for the outstanding medal applications.


Important Announcement for February 18th

Please note:
Due to Winter break for schools cadets is CANCELLED on February 18th.  All cadets who want to apply for the Lord Strathcona and the Legion Medal of Excellence must see Lt(N) Carter on February 25th.

If there are any questions regarding the medals please email:

Thank you

Marksmanship Day Information

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the late post, for tomorrow’s Marksmanship Day, please review the following:


Park Place Community Centre, Mount Pearl (
Enter through the main upper entrance. Doors will be open just before 10AM.


Phase 1-3, 1000 to 1230 hrs
Phase 4+, 1230 to 1500 hrs


Cadets will be doing a variety of marksmanship training, including a prone position level shoot, kneeling position, and standing position. Lunch will be provided at for each group. Please bring along a water bottle if you will need extra water, and a second pair of footwear.

If there are any questions, please let me know.


Andrew Spearns
Lieutenant (Navy)
Marksmanship Officer
284 RCSCC Marconi

Medal Applications

It’s that time again where applications are due for both the Lord Strathcona and the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence. Please see below for the selection criteria:

Lord Strathcona Medal-
– high level of physical fitness
– holds the rank of Petty Officer Second Class or above
– met all requirements of their corps mandatory training program and attended at least 75% of the scheduled mandatory training in the year of nomination
– met all requirements of their corps optional training program and participated in at least 50% of scheduled activities in the year of nomination
– have completed at least 3 years as a cadet
– be regarded as peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence-
– met all requirements of the corps mandatory and optional training programs
– participated in at least 3 community service events in addition to those supported by the cadet corps
– be regarded as peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet
– enhanced the cadet corps through:
– cooperation with peers and subordinates
– comradeship
– promoting goodwill and morale within the corps
– aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness
– supporting and assisting fellow unit members
– his or her involvement in the local community

If you would like to apply for one of these medals or have further questions please see Lt(N) Carter next Monday, February 11th.