Mess Dinner – Important Information

Dear Cadets, Parents and Guardians,

Please find attached an important letter from the Commanding Officer regarding the upcoming mess dinner on Monday, December 18th. It would be appreciated if you could review this document with your cadet(s) to ensure they understand how the dinner will work beforehand.

A few important quick facts:
1) Dress for cadets will be full uniform, without white tops (do not bring them). Females are allowed to wear their hair in a more formal "up-do" style. A french braid or alternative is acceptable, as long as their hair is all up and off their collars. Male cadets please ensure you have a proper haircut.

2) Location: First United Church, Mount Pearl. Date: December 18th, arrival time 1830hrs (please be prompt). There will be a short social/dance for the cadets afterwards. Pickup time can be anywhere between 2130hrs-2200hrs.

3) If a cadet CANNOT attend, it is important that they notify us and fill out a leave request form prior to this Friday. The corps is covering the cost of each meal, and we need to give final numbers by Friday.

We are looking for a couple favours to help support this event.
-We need 6-8 volunteers to help serve the dinner, clear tables, and help clean up afterwards.
-We also are looking for someone to help make cupcakes for the dessert portion. We will need approximately 60 cupcakes, so one or two volunteers would be great.

If you are able help out with this, please e-mail kmacphee@

Any other questions feel free to e-mail us. officer

Mess Dinner Info 2017.pdf


Cadets tonight

  1. Tonight (Dec 11th) Training- Phase 1 and 2 will be in work dress at MQW school. Phase 3,4, and 5 will be no uniform at Park Place. Start times for both groups is 6:30 pm.
  2. Tomorrow (Dec 12th)-  Those cadets who volunteered to serve dinner. Please be at the First United Church, Mt. Pearl for 7:30 pm, in work dress. There is NO marksmanship this Tuesday.


  1. Goulds Christmas Parade- Cadets are to wear full uniform, toques, gloves and warm layers. Meet 12 pm at the parking lot of St. John’s Sports and Entertainment (race track) on Lakeview Drive. The parade will end by 2 pm at Bidgoods parking lot.
  2. Dec 11th Training- Phase 1 and 2 will be in work dress at MQW school. Phase 3,4, and 5 will be no uniform at Park Place. Start times for both groups is 6:30 pm.
  3. Dec 12th- Volunteers for the First united Church dinner, times will be posted later this week.
  4. Marksmanship- Great turn out last night, keep it up! There will be no marksmanship next week (Dec 12th) as we do not have building access.

Music Seminar this weekend

The following cadets are registered for the music seminar this weekend:PO2 Matchem
LS Carroll
LS Vincent
LS Smith
LS Hoysradt
AB Parsons
LS Tapper
LS Cross (Kiara)

Please inform an officer if you are unable to attend. Details below:

DRESS: Boots, Pants, Belt, Black T-Shirt, Ball Cap, Parka (to and from).

LOCATION: HMCS Cabot, on Southside Road.

TIMINGS: 0830*-1830hrs on Saturday (Dec 2) and 0830-1500hrs on Sunday (Dec 3).
*We know that the Mount Pearl Christmas parade is on Saturday morning as well. Cadets are asked to come straight to the seminar after the parade; and are not required to attend the music seminar before the parade.

INSTRUMENTS: You must bring your instrument with you to the seminar. Most of the instruments should already be home with the cadets (with the exceptions of some drums). Please ensure you have a piece of masking tape on the instrument with your name and "284 RCSCC" written clearly on it. There are over 160 registered for this seminar and we do not want to mix up instruments.

MEALS: Lunch and supper are provided on Saturday, and lunch is provided on Sunday.

Any questions please forward to kmacphee

Thanks and have a great weekend!

First Aid Competition

The Provincial First Aid Competition will be held in Gander, NL on January 20th, 2018. Travel dates are 19-21 Jan (inclusive). Teams are made up of only 3 cadets per corps. All accommodations, travel, and meals are included.

Please e-mail kmacphee@ if you are interested in being a part of the team. Please indicate if you already have first aid qualifications (ex: Standard or Emergency First Aid).

Selection priority will be given to those cadets who currently have first aid qualifications (but not limited to) as well as regular cadet attendance, dress, and deportment will all be considered.

Deadline to express your interest in participating will be this Friday, December 1st at NOON. Selections will be made that afternoon and sent to the competition coordinator.